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Seismic Audio Enforcer II subwoofer

OK, I bought one used for $160 and used it for the bottom end on my Carvin TRC210A system outdoors, it worked pretty good so I ordered a new one ...

The new one shipped from Memphis on Monday I received it (in Washington state) Friday at 1pm ... I got it to my storage space and tested it and it didn't work (BUMMER #1) ... my guess was that a wire had come loose ... which was what happened, BUT the real bummer was that the press on connectors were stretched out and were so soft (poor quality metal) that I couldn't even crimp them so they could be reused (BUMMER #2) ... also the wire used inside is really small for a subwoofer!

I knew that there was a crossover built in to the Enforcer II by listening to it running full range, since I use an active crossover or speaker processor I wanted to disable the crossover so something that I wanted to put off for later needs to get done now ...

The other disheartening thing is the new cabinet is different from the old cabinet (BUMMER #3) ... the new cabinet is built better and doesn't have the back brace partially blocking the port ...

And BTW, it appears that the 18 has maybe 3mm x-max they don't do much below 50Hz ... but they do what I need, relieve some of the stress off of my powered Carvin 2x10" low frequency speaker ...

Wattkins.com Thrifty Wreck Tour

Thrifty Wreck

OK, so it's official ... the Wattkins.com Thrifty Wreck Tour

I'm sending my Thrifty Wreck amp 'on vacation' (without me) ... I want to document its travels and get amp clips, videos, pictures of it being used and comments etc. ...

People will host the amp for a while, and then forward it to its next destination ...

First stop is Memphis, it's going to an internet friend who works at the Noise Factory (recording studio)
Second stop is to visit a wattkins.com forum member (he wanted to record some clips for me)
then ???
the first week of October it needs to get to LA ...

Let's see where this goes?

I'm using a free wordpress site for the blog as I'm going to need to take this down and rebuild it.
Here's the wordpress blog: http://thriftywrecktour.wordpress.com/

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Counterfeit Gibson Guitars

counterfeit Gibson Custom Shop Black Beauty

Here's a page that Gibson put together: http://www2.gibson.com/News-Lifestyle/Features/en-us/CounterfeitGibsons....

Here in Podunk, Idaho (Lewiston, ID/Clarkston, WA) a friend bought a "Custom Shop Black Beauty" for himself as a Christmas present ... he'd wanted a LP for years, then he started looking close and discovered that the pots and wiring just didn't look right, he called Gibson and they told him that the serial number was not correct ... then he researched and found the things documented on the Gibson site in the above web page ... the improperly slanted logo, wrong lettering and style of the truss rod cover, wrong truss rod route, shoddy pots and wiring ... it was a $300 china counterfeit (including case) ...

Luckily my friend got his $!%oo (money) back ... but who's next in line thinking they are getting a deal on a Custom Shop guitar, when in fact they are getting a china counterfeit ...

BTW in my opinion the 2006 Melody Maker sitting right next to this guitar was 10 times the guitar ... it was magic ... this one just didn't seem right to me when I handled it ...

I think this picture is of the same guitar ...

Baby Will pcb and MPS 275.2, or other center tapped power transformer

Several people have fried their new MPS 275.2 power transformers (PT) because they were hooked up to the 4-diode bridge rectifier on the Baby Will LiteIIb pcb. The original design goals for the Baby Will was for it to be an 18 watt LiteIIb Epiphone Valve Junior upgrade so it was designed for the VJr PT.

Note, the build manual ONLY covers the VJr upgrade it is not a generic build manual that covers hooking up any type of power transformer, the schematic does cover the proper wiring for different transformers, so both the schematic and the build manual need to be used to build the amp properly.

The things to be aware of on the pcb as far as hooking up a power transformer:

(1) the rectifier is designed with a bridge rectifier for a non-center tapped PT like the VJr PT, any center tapped power transformers will be shorted out if hooked up to the pcb with the bridge rectifier installed(4-diodes). If you are using a center tapped PT ONLY install D1 and D2 on the pcb (DO NOT install D3 and D4, do not jumper them, just leave them out)

(2) the pcb is set up for non-center tapped heaters so it has two 100 ohm simulated center tap resistors in the heater circuit, if you are using a PT like the VJr PT that does not have center tapped heaters you will need the 100 ohm resistors. If you have a PT with center tapped heaters DO NOT install the two 100 ohm resistors located just to the left of J1.

Ubuntu low latency kernels

Ubuntu and hating Grub2 ...

I finally found the fix ... Grub Customizer ...

in a terminal enter the following code lines:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install grub-customizer

My current amp project, the Thrifty Wreck


OK, I think all of the parts are on their way. This is an amp circuit based on Ken Fischer's famous Trainwreck Express/Liverpool preamp glued to a simple 6P1P push pull output section from the www.wattkins.com pushy croaker amp. Ken Fischer was a tube amp genius; the preamp, phase inverter and output section of his amps were carefully tuned so that each performs exactly as required to get the trademark tone and response.

The research and experimentation was done by katopan (www.wattkins.com forum member), he dug into this thing and used his electronics knowledge and tools to figure out how it works, and how to make the Express/Liverpool circuit work with a different output section.

The amp uses surplus Russian 6P1P-EV output tubes (a Russian tube like the 6AQ5, a mini-6V6) and 6N2P-EV dual-triode tubes for the preamp and phase inverter (the 6N2P is very much like an older version of a Sovtek 12AX7WA with a 6.3V only heater wiring). The Russian tubes are obtained through ebay sellers, both are inexpensive tubes even including shipping and handling charges. I'm going to use an Antek AS-05T240 toroidal power transformer and a Hammond 125E output transformer.

Here's the v3 schematic: http://www.wattkins.com/files/wattkins/Thrifty_Wreck_Schem.pdf

The thread is here (you'll have to register on www.wattkins.com): http://www.wattkins.com/node/17851

The attached picture is a layout by Dust Puppy from www.wattkins.com

Simon Tucker Group


I was blessed to play with the Simon Tucker Group for almost 3 years. Simon did the singer, songwriter, guitar player, arranger, conductor parts, Bill Wilcox played drums, I played bass. In the time I was around, Simon grew big time, he became a band leader, his singing, songwriting, arranging, and guitar playing all went to a new level of musicianship (sometimes disconnected from planet earth). Bill is a drummer who doesn't play drum beats, he plays songs on his drums. Bill's drumming was the glue that connected Simon's guitar and my bass together, often Bill's hands would be right with Simon and his feet would be right there with me ... playing with Simon and Bill was by far the highest level musical experience I've had ( all I can say is wow, thanks guys! ).

In late 2009 I started having issues with my hands, I guess my age was showing, the demands of playing at the level of someone like Simon was starting to whisper in my ear that it was time for a change. So September 2010 I stepped aside and Simon got Josh Simon, a phenomenal bassist from Spokane to take the bass parts to the next level. Anyway keep your ears open for the soon to be released Simon Tucker Group EP. I listened to parts of a direct from the board CD it sounded really good. Simon connected with top level people in Portland to do the recording project and it sounds amazing!!!

Simon has been using amps I've either modified or built since May 2008, first it was two modified Valve Juniors then came the first LiteIIb (Baby Will pcb), then an experiment, a sort of Blackfaced 5E3, then a tightened up 5E3 ... for the last year or so Simon's main amp has been the slightly modified 5E3. For the EP he used his 5E3, and two of my latest 18 Watt amps, an eyelet board built LiteIIb with proper transformers and proper tone/sound, and a SuperliteIIb, a slightly higher gain preamp glued to the same 18 Watt output section. Simon gave my amps a nice plug on his new website, http://www.simontuckergroup.com

here's a couple of Simon Tucker Group songs recorded last year ... with the current line up, Simon, Bill and Josh ...

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