The S2 vj_kit_inst.pdf

I received permission to host the S2 Valve Junior Upgrade Kit Install Instructions (vj_kit_inst.pdf) it's located here:

The bummer is search engines pick up sites that still have links to the original S2 Amps website:
www,s2amps,com/docs/vj_kit_inst.pdf where the file was originally hosted.

I don't think I would have had the understanding of simple circuits as fast as I did without studying this document, thanks goes out to S2 for providing us with this! S2's document covers the circuit component description and function for a Valve Junior, but it also applies to any other simple two tube amp.

The only part of the document that doesn't pertain to later amps is the section on converting the heaters from AC to DC, that applies only to the v1 Valve Junior combo amps.