SuperliteIIb Build Documentation -- Superlite v2.7 pcb

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It looks like I'm going to get started trying to put some kind of build manual together for the Superlite II so Roxane has at least something to document the build ... even if it's just a quick and dirty build document.

Here is the web documentation for building the SuperliteII pcb, I built mine with EL84's, sacbluesman built his with flying leads to 6V6's. With Zaphod_Phil's help (the designer of the original Superlite circuit) we ended up with a circuit that's part original Superlite, part SuperliteII which I named the SuperliteIIb (with Z_P's approval).

This is the 'current' schematic using Z_P's recommendations for the SuperliteIIb:



There is an error in labeling on the schematic, R13 and R14 are reversed on the schematic. See this post:

Don't install the split-load plate resistor, R14/R13, instead install a 100k in R14 and jumper R13. The amp works OK with humbuckers and the split load that I used (56k/47k -- B+ to plate), but with a Strat the amp needs the extra signal.

C8 is NOT an optional component, without it the amp lacks harmonic content and gain. I used a 0.68uf in my build, the same as used on the first stage but slightly larger values such as a 2.2uf may be needed for full tone with a Strat. see this:


OK, I'm putting links to build diagrams, pictures and references in this first post:

Here's a link to Radstringz ss rectified Superlite schematic:

Terry's pictures are here:

Picture of pcb overlayed on layout guide:

Control wiring diagram, note: I have the controls in "JCM" order not in the order Terry used:

2-part 8.5" x 11" Drill Plan for Antek PT and MPS OT:

Wiring Antek PT to pcb:

Edited Superlite II V2.7 Schematic v4:

MOSFET source follower:

Superlite II pcb with MOSFET source follower:


Z_P quote: "You would normally aim for around 315V to 320V difference between cathode and anode for 18W operation."

Measured Voltages:

With my MPS 275.2 PT and Superlite power supply rail resistors i.e. 2.2k - 8.2k - 27k

here are my voltages referenced to ground:
EL84 pin 7 - 300V
EL84 pin 9 - 290V

V2 (PI)
pin 1 - 198.3V
pin 3 - 63.2V
pin 6 - 194.5V
pin 8 - 63.5V

V1 (pre) (I need to remeasure V1 this tube died shortly after measuring)
pin 1 - 161V
pin 3 - 1.5V
pin 6 - 111V
pin 8 - 0.8V


Sacbluesman's with Antek AN1T275:

I get 310V on pin 7 & 295V on pin 9 for both sockets.
I took a closer look at the tubes. These are 6P6C.

Here are some updated voltages:

V1 pre:
Pin1 189V
Pin3 1.6V
Pin6 127V
Pin8 .8V

V2 PI:
Pin1 174.7
Pin3 42.3
Pin6 174.5
Pin8 42.3


TWANG's voltages with Antek AN2T300:
1... 253.... 248
3... 2.0..... 81
6... 194.... 245
8... 1.0.... 80.6

seems funky to me.
(with the siemens in, I got 196, 2.0, 132, and 1.5.)

pin... V3 ......V4
3... 14.7.... 14.7
7... 354 ..... 356
9... 355 ..... 355