My current amp project, the Thrifty Wreck


OK, I think all of the parts are on their way. This is an amp circuit based on Ken Fischer's famous Trainwreck Express/Liverpool preamp glued to a simple 6P1P push pull output section from the pushy croaker amp. Ken Fischer was a tube amp genius; the preamp, phase inverter and output section of his amps were carefully tuned so that each performs exactly as required to get the trademark tone and response.

The research and experimentation was done by katopan ( forum member), he dug into this thing and used his electronics knowledge and tools to figure out how it works, and how to make the Express/Liverpool circuit work with a different output section.

The amp uses surplus Russian 6P1P-EV output tubes (a Russian tube like the 6AQ5, a mini-6V6) and 6N2P-EV dual-triode tubes for the preamp and phase inverter (the 6N2P is very much like an older version of a Sovtek 12AX7WA with a 6.3V only heater wiring). The Russian tubes are obtained through ebay sellers, both are inexpensive tubes even including shipping and handling charges. I'm going to use an Antek AS-05T240 toroidal power transformer and a Hammond 125E output transformer.

Here's the v3 schematic:

The thread is here (you'll have to register on

The attached picture is a layout by Dust Puppy from


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So the amp has been up and running for a while now and is in a cabinet all ready to travel across the country ...

I'll keep the tour updated ... first stop Memphis!

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I still haven't finished my

I still haven't finished my Thrifty Wreck but Mark finished his ptp build ... now maybe just a bit of tweaking and it will really be there.

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Some Progress -- Thrifty Wreck

So I'm going to try an Antek AS-05T280 with the 260V tap since with US power these run about like a transformer 20V lower ...

The eyelet board has been done for months and now I'm finally getting around to the rest ... I've got the rectifier and power supply 'board' done and ready to be mounted, finally I think everything is laid out. I have four or five holes to put in the chassis out and then it's time to assemble the pieces and wire it up.

Here is the schematic:

Dust Puppy's eyelet/turret board layout:

katopan's Gothic Ring styled ptp layout:

here are two in progress pictures ...