ClassicTone (Magnetic Components) output transformers

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Ok first they are made in Chicago, second they sound good, third they are reasonably priced ... so let's use them!

Some background, Magnetic Components has been building transformers for a long time, they were a supplier for Valco amps, so some of the sought after vintage tone machines had transformers built by Magnetic Components. A few years ago they got into the DIY tube amp market and started building replacement transformers and chokes for Fender and Marshall amps, then came transformers and chokes for Vox AC-15 and AC-30 amps, and just recently they added a Express/Liverpool TW-styled transformer set and transformers for Valco amps.

I've used the Champ 15 watt SE OT #40-18031, about $30! it's an amazing output transformer for EL84 SE amps. Tone, buttery smooth tone and more tone!!!! This is my favorite sounding lower wattage SE output transformer.

I've also have the reproduction Champ 5 watt OT, it's nice but I've really only tried it with EL84's and it's just not quite up to their output demands, I think it would be a nice vintage circuit 6V6 OT, especially in vintage amps without an output tube cathode bypass cap. It's part number 40-18030. About $25

I have two of their 18 watt OT's, they are nice and definitely add a nice Marshally touch compared to the MPS OT's, they are part #40-18037. I think it's a really nice affordable correct sized and correct sounding OT! About $43