Baby Will pcb and MPS 275.2, or other center tapped power transformer

Several people have fried their new MPS 275.2 power transformers (PT) because they were hooked up to the 4-diode bridge rectifier on the Baby Will LiteIIb pcb. The original design goals for the Baby Will was for it to be an 18 watt LiteIIb Epiphone Valve Junior upgrade so it was designed for the VJr PT.

Note, the build manual ONLY covers the VJr upgrade it is not a generic build manual that covers hooking up any type of power transformer, the schematic does cover the proper wiring for different transformers, so both the schematic and the build manual need to be used to build the amp properly.

The things to be aware of on the pcb as far as hooking up a power transformer:

(1) the rectifier is designed with a bridge rectifier for a non-center tapped PT like the VJr PT, any center tapped power transformers will be shorted out if hooked up to the pcb with the bridge rectifier installed(4-diodes). If you are using a center tapped PT ONLY install D1 and D2 on the pcb (DO NOT install D3 and D4, do not jumper them, just leave them out)

(2) the pcb is set up for non-center tapped heaters so it has two 100 ohm simulated center tap resistors in the heater circuit, if you are using a PT like the VJr PT that does not have center tapped heaters you will need the 100 ohm resistors. If you have a PT with center tapped heaters DO NOT install the two 100 ohm resistors located just to the left of J1.